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Friendly, personalized service at a sensible cost and within a reasonable time frame is often hard to find. For more than three years, Gerlinda has provided our cattery with all of these and more. Our first website was from the non-exclusive template collection and came with a budget price point. As such, we presumed that our first site would be very plain with absolutely no panache. How wrong we were! Gerlinda set up a matching header, page buttons with titles we specified, and she helped us insert a hit counter. Moreover, she made sure we had cute buttons and dividers to match our overall website theme. Although we were new to working with websites of any kind, the editor was easy to navigate, and if we had questions, Gerlinda answered in a timely manner with pleasant, understandable guidance. When we wanted to add pages, it was a simple matter of contacting Gerlinda; the fee for adding extra pages was nominal. Later, when we were ready to make the leap to an exclusive design, we once again called on Gerlinda. We sent her a set of ideas, requested a quote, and held our breath, not sure that we would be able to afford the charges. But true to form, Gerlinda promptly responded with a price range; depending on the amount of time needed to craft the new design, we could expect the cost to fall within surprisingly workable rates. We gave Gerlinda the “thumbs up” and she set to work, checking in if she had questions and providing us with baseline samples. Each sample was accompanied with a note that said our suggestions were very much welcome. A brief time later, our new website was up and running. Since then, we have received numerous compliments and comments that the site now reflects our cattery’s personality to a tee. The design is beautiful, and we are thrilled. If you are considering a website, but are concerned that it may be complicated and expensive, we encourage you to consider Gerlinda. Based on our experience, recommending her is a “no-brainer,” and we will definitely be repeat customers for website needs in the future. Thank you, Suzanne

Lori – Poolside Cats – I wanted to share this wonderful person I chose to make my web site graphics. I have been admiring her work for a long time. Finally one day I realized I was far too busy to design my graphics and layout. I knew just what I wanted and Gerlinda worked with me. She did an excellent job of understanding what I wanted, creating the look I wanted. It was such a pleasure to work with someone who listened to my wants and producing it for me. I’ve done a lot of web work over the years…but now I am just too busy and picky to spend the time making what I want. Sometimes it is well worth the $$ spent to have someone create your vision for you. After all time is money, and Gerlinda saved me a bunch. I would recommend her in a minute. :-)) Well worth the money! Click on the banner below and go to her site…look around, then jump into a professional looking site… You will not be disappointed! Thanks again Gerlinda!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I LOVE IT!!!! Twana was right – you are fantastic. This experience has been a great one for me, because you no longer get this type of customer service from anyone, this should be the norm.
Yolanda – Royal-ShihTzus