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Host requirements.
Regular websites may be hosted on any hosting platform (linux is preferred), but if you have or want a CMS system (WordPress), photo gallery, or shopping cart then the hosting requirements would be as follows:

  • Linux web server
  • PHP 5 or higher – preferably PHP7
  • MySQL 5 or higher with PHPMyAdmin
  • FTP
  • SSL Certificate

These are some of the hosting companies we like, they will also register a domain name for you, but please remember we DO NOT guarantee any of them. Use of this information is strictly by your choice. (Please see our Policies & Terms of Use/Service) Ultimately you can choose any web host that meets our requirements.

Hosting Company (Linux/Unix)


Unity Websites ( 9.00 per month or 60.00 per year- unlimited space & bandwidth – Domain names 11.95 per year)
Host Papa (for our Canadian friends)